First day down!

Well. Started the day feeling a bit bleh, probably due to caning the booze last night in order to use it up lol. So my breakfast consisted of a wholemeal bun, bacon with no fat, a fried egg (used the last of my fry light so not as bad!) and ketchup  😛

Tasty! Also had a green tea to sip whilst watching morning Tv.

Had to finally post something as well as get my newspaper so went for a walk before lunch, maybe 15 mins. My lunch was defrosted berries, 0% yogurt, chopped almonds and walnuts, some probiotic powder (had it for a while, decided to try it out lol), a small chopped pear, and a dust of cinnamon. Very nice  😛  and also tried out a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, diluted in (not enough!) water, and not keen I’m afraid! Damn.

Second round of exercise was a 21 minute walking work out from YouTube, done indoors. Was good, and am not as unfit as I thought lol.

Dinner was a sweet potato cut into thin wedges and sprinkled with garlic granules, mini chicken fillets with Oregano and curry powder, plus a piece of broccoli, big handful of spinach and some lettuce. Meat and potato were very nice, and took me a while to eat through the veg lol as very filling. Kept some on the plate in case I got hungry bit later and eventually ate it all!

Snacks for today were two rice cakes, and two carrots, plus a can of diet cola.

Feeling ok, not been plagued with hunger, and just glad to be started I guess.

Onwards and upwards!

Calm Before The Storm!

Still chowing on the last of my vodka and junk food lol, getting it all out of my system so can properly and cleanly start my health kick tomorrow.

Going to start tomorrow with a proper weigh in and measurements with a tape measure. According to a few days ago, am up to 13 stone 1lb, bleh  😦   not as bad as before but still, am sick of looking and feeling crap. Have been lighter and liked it so have to get there again!

My major health haul shop is already stocked in, and it includes:

big case of diet coke, few cases of mineral water, celery, cooked chicken, 0% yoghurt, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, low fat yoghurts, chicken breast strips, broccoli, grapes, spinach, green beans, plums, cigarettes (!), frozen summer berries, little frozen Yorkshire puddings, single toad in the hole meal, sweetcorn, cereal bars, tuna in spring water, almond milk, porridge sachets, eggs, brown rice, sweet potatoes, chicken noodle soup sachets, bananas, rice cakes, peanut butter, wholemeal bread, green tea bags, cherry tomatoes, apples, pears, coffee, and apple cider vinegar.

yes, I am actually going to try having a couple of tablespoons of diluted apple cider vinegar a day too! Meaning to try for a while, never got round to buying any though lol.

Also found my bag of almonds and some left over walnuts as well, which is lucky. Think my breakfast for day 1 will be my former go to of 0% yogurt, berries/fruit and chopped nuts. May have to try and find some cinnamon as well as used to dust that on top too!

Will also try and utilise/add here a weight loss tracker/ticker  🙂  and other goals include eating at least 5 fruit/veg portions a day, and at least 1 hour (split up if needs be) of exercise a day; probably going to start with walking workouts as pretty sure my fitness is crap at the mo!

I also have a nice pair of size 10 black jeans I used to wear to death so going to dig them out and use them to spur me on lol. Think am at least a size 12 now so a bit to go damn it.

Day one will begin tomorrow and I will check in with meals, exercise, feelings and thoughts. Prolly won’t add pictures of meals like before though. May also make a chart or something physical to hang up too as that helped me in the past. All set now!!


First Post

This is just going to be a brand new personal blog, that I am starting again for myself as I start my journey to lose weight for the millionth time!!

I will use it to hold myself accountable, vent, document my stuff, weigh in, and generally help keep me together and on the path.

Ideally I am looking to lose 3 stone 1 pound initially, then will keep going as I can. I am keeping this personal as I can be a disordered eater so don’t want any judgement.

Tomorrow is Sunday and my supply of junk food is very low so am going to use tomorrow as my taper off crap food day, and will start properly on Monday (ha), and will begin hardcore documenting from then.

May check in tomorrow, am just hoping this will keep my motivated and give me hope to accomplish what I need to!